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"CROSS MY HEART - NOW I HOPE TO DIE" , Philipp Wiebesiek

 Diptych, Muji auf Papier, 2020 

Zwei Originale Zeichnungen / 

 Größe einer Zeichnung : 20x 30 cm


two original drawings / Diptych

size each : : 20x 30 cm


Preis ohne 19% MwSt. /ohne Rahmen /ohne Versandkosten

tax excluded / no frame / no shipping


please contact the gallery, if you would like to know more about this young, emerging artist or would like to recieve his Portfolio with latest works // 4 further details on purchase //

"CROSS MY HEART - NOW I HOPE TO DIE" Original Diptych by Philipp Wiebesiek

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