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★ FB69Cologne Art Gallery goes Ibiza ★ FB69Ibiza

Meet our new FB69Ibiza Artdealer Contact on the Island of Ibiza, the wonderful Corinne Miller.

★ ★

Working very closely with our main gallery in Germany, Corinne will be able to help you to build or grow your quality art collection of new contemporary works on the Island, so you will be happy to enjoy high quality art, which will give you so much more than just a decorative


★ ★ ★

Finally, art is to be regarded as a food - it revives, it asks questions. It will make your life more livable.

Investing in good art will give your home not only a sophisticated cultural profile, but should make the people in it sustainably happier. Or even better..

Additionally - you will be able to build a high quality collection with artistic value in the long run, which also can serve as a good long-term investment, of course.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Contact: FB69Ibiza Gallery for young, contemporary poetic art

Corinne Miller

phone: 0034600391185



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