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My name is Emma Geary aka Anarkitty. I am 30 (Born 1978) years old and I live just outside of Belfast Northern Ireland. 
I have loved drawing since I was pretty young. Went to University 
and did a Ba(Hons) Degree in Art and design specialising in 
New Media. I graduated and moved to London for 6 years where I worked for a number of ad agencies and graphic design houses. I became slightly disillusioned with the whole ‘company’ process and went it alone starting up Anarkitty as a playground for my work. Mostly Digital based character illustration. I had always missed drawing by hand and started to ‘try’ painting as a sideline ( I had no formal training in University) It wasn’t until I moved back to Ireland that I started painting and drawing full-time and have been for the
 last year and a half.



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